If you want to participate in the selecting processes that are carried out in order to partake in the programme of any of these three festivals, here you can find some information about how to do that:

Theatre Fair of Castilla y León – Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain)

• The period to put forward candidacies is usually open in the middle of January and remains open for about two months.

• A registration sheet that is available in their webpage must be filled. Audiovisual material of the show that is presented must be also sent.

• The link in which all the information appears when the period of registration is open is:


Don Quijote Festival (Paris, France)

• Proposals are recieved all the year long (the first selection is made in February and the Programming is closed in May)

• These proposals are admitted but they are not directly selected through this process; it is necessary that the Festival staff see the show live in Festivals or theatre halls.

• Proposals must be exclusively of Spanish and Latin-American authors and only proposals for theatre halls and indoors are admitted.


FITEI (Porto, Portugal)

• FITEI selects companies in three different ways:

1) Through direct meetings, co-productions or invitations to artists; in this case, companies the shows of which have been seen by FITEI’s artistic direction in other festivals, fairs or first releases are included. Through contracts with companies coming from the region of Porto with the aim of co-producing an releasing a new show; challenging a stage designer or choreographer so that a show with local roots and influence in the urban space can be created, with civic participation if possible.

2) Through a selection process with candidacies on-line. Companies interested in putting forward candidacies for the festival must fill a registration paper that is available in FITEI’s webpage and must be sent to FITEI’s head office. Usually, the period to put forward candidacies is open from August to October each year.

3) Agreements with FITEI’s allies and partners. Mutual agreements with partners such as Teatro Nacional S. João, Teatro Constantino Nery or Fundação Serralves create different programmes. 





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